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CSC456H1/2306H: High-Performance Scientific Comp

About the CSC456H1/2306H: High-Performance Scientific Comp category (1)
Preconditioned CG (3)
Can we have some practice questions for test 2? (4)
Term test 1 Q2 b (2)
Q3(b) compare speed-up formula with our experiment results (2)
Extension of A2 till Monday, March 22, 15:05 (1)
A2 q2(c) formula for the experimentally observed number of operations (2)
A2 q2 theoretically calculated number of iterations (2)
Q2c the eigenvalues of Ts (2)
A2 q3 Will MPI_Allreduce cause some additional error? (2)
A2 q2 about the range of f (3)
A2 q1 communication (3)
How much accuracy should we set to report the number of iterations (2)
Never mind, problem solved (1)
What's the best way of handling boundary conditions? (2)
Is 15:01 on Thursday Toronto time (EST)? (2)
How will the test be delivered? (4)
A1 q2(a) (1)
Markus for A1 (2)
Q2b network topology clarification (2)
A1 Q1b n means what (2)
A1 Q3: What is g(x)? (2)
A1 q2b (2)
A1 q2a (2)
A1 q2 (2)
A1 q1b (3)
A1 q1a (3)
Validation of result (2)
A0 Q3(d)(ii) (4)
Extension of A0 by 1 day (1)